Where Beauty Meets Serenity!

The mesmerising landscape, the evening sun spreading its dying colours on the snow clad mountain peaks, and the magical aura of the tranquil waters - Mukteshwar (in Nainital district), captivates the beauty of Mother Nature to its utmost best. There cannot be a better abode to spend your holiday in Nainital than at Ojaswi Himalayan Resort. The resort captures the vibrancy of the serene ambience, and pampers you with a whole lot of services that gives you a memorable experience to treasure forever!

Located in Sitla, Mukteshwar, the resort is embraced in a bewildering charm and enticing ambience, making your stay relaxing and comfortable. 

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Ojaswi Himalayan Resort, Mukteshwar Nainital Himalayan Cottage GF
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The rooms are specially-designed with beautiful interiors and an enthralling view of the mountains. For your revitalising stay, Ojaswi Himalayan Resort also has an in-house restaurant and an exclusive spa facility. 

Have an exciting holiday at Ojaswi Himalayan Resort, Mukteshwar - where beauty meets serenity!

Indulge in thrilling activities...

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Rock Climbing & Rapelling

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Bird Watching

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